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The Image of Nursing

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The way nurses present themselves in the medical field forms the image of nursing. Therefore, it is imperative for nurses to always conduct themselves in a professional manner to maintain a positive nursing image. They have the power to make changes within their professional field. However, projecting a positive image is not an easy task because the media always tarnish it. In fact, this has led to the establishment of such organization as the Center for Nursing Advocacy which ensures that the media present an accurate image of nursing. The paper discusses why the Center for Nursing Advocacy is important to the image of nursing.

The Center for Nursing Advocacy was established with the aim of changing how the image of nursing and profession were perceived by the public (Hallam, 2012). Nowadays, there are some stereotypes about nurses which people watch on television and perceive as a depiction of reality. In fact, the portrayal of nurses in the media is inaccurate and sometimes sexist as well as insulting. This can be observed in advertisements that present female nurses as sexually attractive women. For this reason, the Center for Nursing Advocacy continues to revolutionize nursing by destroying some common stereotypes (Hallam, 2012). It tries to show the disparities between what is portrayed on television and what actually happens because this can change the people’s opinion about nurses (Hallam, 2012).

For instance, there is a shortage of nurses due to the limited understanding of nursing. The Center for Nursing Advocacy addresses the issues by confronting the media in order to eradicate common stereotypes about nursing. This is the Center’s primary aim which is achieved through the promotion of a positive as well as accurate portrayal of nurses and ensuring that the media show nurses as professional workers. In addition, the Center for Nursing Advocacy educates nurses on how to maintain a positive image of nursing (Hallam, 2012). It also organizes letter-writing campaigns to target producers who do not present nurses in a positive light. Moreover, the Center for Nursing Advocacy plays a pivotal role in stimulating the growth and diversity of the nursing profession. The improvement of the health care system improves nursing practice as well (Hallam, 2012). After all, nurses themselves have an opportunity to make a positive change through day-to-day advocacy. Every nurse can employ different skills to advocate for a safe and healthy work environment.

Nurses can also change their image by showing professional growth and ensuring that their colleagues have professional values. For instance, nurses can define unacceptable workplace behavior and hold medical staff accountable for their actions. This will prevent professional misconduct that will tarnish the image of nursing. Nurses can also contribute to the community and society by writing articles about health to share knowledge with other people (Hallam, 2012). This will increase their credibility and improve their image.

To conclude, nurses should always project a professional image in all interactions. As a result, the public will perceive them in a positive light. Moreover, the media will depict nurses only as professional workers. To help nurses to maintain a good image of nursing, the Center for Nursing Advocacy was established. It aims to increase the public understanding of the role of nurses in the contemporary health care system. The Center for Nursing Advocacy is important to the image of nursing as it ruins stereotypes about nursing, thus promoting growth within the profession. However, nurses should also maintain professional growth by ensuring that their colleagues have professional values and skills.


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